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RK Super Lock & Seal is established on the foundation of core elements viz. Safety, Quality, convenience, service & useful usage. Our Association with PAN India’s Distributor & Modern Retailers has help to open up new avenues for us to deliver best in-class products Coupled with appealing Design & upmost Quality. Our Exciting Range consist of Water Bottles, Lunch Boxes, Pencil box, Milk Mugs, Tea/Coffee Mugs, Milk/Tea/Coffee Mugs With Steel Bidding, Airtight & Leak-proof Plastic Food Storage container, Airtight & Leak-proof Steel Food Storage Container, Lunch Boxes With Elegant Pouches, super Lock & Seal Containers, Super Steel Lock container. Each and every Product which are made and selected keeping in mind the consumer’s safety, ease, convenience & usefulness. Our Products are carefully Made And selected Keeping In mind the consumer’s minutes points. We have brought many innovative products and designs into the market turning it to be the top selling changing the market trend and helping the consumer for its convenience usage. Each of our products has a perfect usage which is thoroughly reviewed to easy the consumer’s life.

All our products conform to high standards of:

Quality: Precision Moulding, 100% Virgin Raw Material Usage.

Safety: Use Of Food Grade Material, No sharp edges, Sturdy Built.

Process: We ensure the product is consistent. Proper Planning is done to maintain the quality and Improve wherever required.

Innovation: We try to bring new products in the market by continues study and research of the market scenario and consumers feedback.

Useful & Service Oriented Products:

We are more interested in selling our service & product usage then our products. Accordingly we have made our products which bring service and usefulness into it. We Have Specially design products which helps to fit & keeps them fresh our daily necessity food Viz. Butter box, Bread Box, Spice(Masala), Box, Roti’s Box, Juice Glass, Pill/Medicine & Multipurpose Boxes. We also make sure that our products are BPA free, Leak-proof, has Food Grade Standards and are microwave and Dishwasher safe. Food store in our container tend to remain fresher for a longer period helping the consumers to have healthy and fresh foods even after storing for longer hours & microwave safe makes them eat hot food when they require.

Mission: Our mission is to be the market leader in plastic & steel household & kitchenware’s products.

Vision: To be the market leader and helping the customer by providing useful & service Oriented Products.



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